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Divorce Costs


How much does a divorce cost?

The cost varies, depending on how complex it is and how it’s done.

We keep you informed of costs before you incur them.

Mathews Family Law provides an online divorce service that minimises the cost, as follows:

Standard Divorce

For a fixed fee of $850 plus GST Mathews Family Law will get your instructions from you, provide you with a letter of advice, prepare an application for divorce for you to swear, file the application in the Federal Circuit Court, arrange personal service of the application and compulsory brochures on your spouse or their lawyer, file service documents with the court, liaise with the court as necessary, and forward the sealed certificate of divorce to you.

The following disbursements are also payable:

A filing fee of $865 is payable to the Federal Circuit Court. In certain circumstances, the fee may be reduced upon application to the court.

A disbursement fee of $150 plus GST is payable which covers:

  1. A single attempt at personal service of your application upon your spouse in a major population centre in Australia;
  2. Miscellaneous expenses such as photocopying, scanning, telephone calls

If your spouse lives in a remote area or proves difficult to serve we may request a further contribution to cover the resulting additional costs.  If your spouse lives internationally we will provide further guidance as to the likely fees that will be incurred.

If your spouse opts to dispute your Application for Divorce by filing a Response your matter will be considered complex from that point forward and further work will be completed at the hourly rate.

Complex Divorce

Additional fees may be payable for a complex application for divorce; for example,

  • If your divorce involves resumption of cohabitation.
  • If you and your partner have been living apart under one roof.
  • If you have a child or children with special needs.
  • If you need to bring forward the date for hearing the application for divorce.
  • If you need to vary the date on which the divorce will take effect.
  • If you need to vary the service of document requirements.

The cost of the application for divorce and disbursements are payable in advance, as your pre-payment.

We’ll start to work on your application for divorce right after we receive your instructions and pre-payment.